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In March 2009 Violeta Correa and Adalberto Aguilar arrived in Canada to open the first Mexican Bakery in Toronto. Pancho’s Bakery Inc. has been in the food industry in Toronto for four years. And back in Mexico has passed from many generations – since 1927. Pancho’s Bakery and its’ brand “I love Churros” is a Mexican company that establish itself as authentic Mexican Bakery in the Ontario Area. Our company provides unique and innovative products in an original and quick customer service. With a fast development, in only three years Pancho’s Bakery has already expanded its business from 1 to 3 locations and continues looking for more.

(Dufferin & Bloor)

1015 Dufferin St. Toronto, ON

(College & Spadina)

214 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON

(Little Italy)

658 College St. Toronto, ON


With non stop, Pancho’s Bakery Inc. also distributes products to most of the Latino stores in Ontario. At the same time “I Love Churros” brings Mexican churros to most of the festivals in Toronto This presentation will guide you through all that you need to know about the artisanal, traditional and authentic Mexican flavours of Pancho’s Bakery Inc.

Our Mission: ``To provide great work environment, high standards, excellent food production and unique and excellent service focus on customer satisfaction.``


This Mexican specialty is made of a sweet-dough spiral, deep-fried, coated with cinnamon and sugar can be served plain or also be filled with chocolate, caramel or jam. Suggestions of beverages always accompanied with hot chocolate or coffee. They are prepared right in front of the customer eyes, with fresh ingredients. Pancho’s Bakery Inc. also contributes to the multiculturalism of Toronto, showing our customers through the traditions and costumes of Mexico. This is the reason of being participating through all these years of expansion in many events of Toronto the list is shown above.